The University of Chicago (UChicago, U of C) and NANI Vascular Nephrology Fellowship Program

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Antone Crasto Interview re Nephrology Medical Practice Resources


Kidney Health

Dr. Sadaf Elahi Nephrology Today Podcast Interview discussing Kidney Stones

Dr. Sadaf Elahi Nephrology Today Podcast Interview discussing Resistant Hypertension
Dr. Sadaf Elahi Nephrology Today Podcast Interview discussing Kidney Health

Dr. Sadaf Elahi on Nephrology Today Podcast Interview discussing Diabetic Kidney Disease

Business Strategy

Antone Crasto discussing COVID-19 pandemic and Public Health Emergency
Jack Rudnick Jr. Podcast Interview about Telehealth.

Jack Rudnick Jr. talks about Medical Practice Consolidation
Brian O'Dea podcast about employment contracts for new physicians. What you can expect?
Brian O'Dea Nephrology Today Podcast interview about the changing medical landscape
Brian O’Dea talks about the challenges facing medical practices today.

Helena Cohan talks about the Importance of in-depth reporting and updates.
Brian O'Dea Podcast Interview about What to Know When Signing a Medical Director Agreement

Billing & Coding

Stephanie Knispel talks about Revenue Cycle Management

Helena Cohan interview about Revenue Cycle Management and it's impact on patient care.
Michelle Saez Podcast Interview about Getting Paid More By Understanding Billing & Coding

Nephrologist’s Perspective

Dr. Omaima Degani, MD Podcast Interview on Nephrology Today

Dr. John Ducker, MD Podcast Interview on Medical Practice Management.


Jennifer Nelson Podcast Interview about Streamlining HR & Payroll for Your Medical Practice

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Emily is a communications, marketing and strategy specialist with over 14 years of experience helping healthcare organizations position themselves for growth. Organizing and communicating information to business owners, colleagues and patients has been a central function of Emily’s work for a variety of healthcare organizations. With an eye on progress, she is an experienced planner and strategist. Emily received two Bachelors degrees from Bradley University in Peoria.