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Leaders in Kidney Care: Since 1976, NANI has provided experience, innovation and reliability in kidney disease and blood pressure management.

At Nephrology Associates of Northern Illinois/Indiana (NANI) treating and improving the quality of life for those with renal impairment has shaped our mission, built our culture and remains our singular objective. NANI's team of experts have extensive experience and expertise in the field.

NANI doctors benefit from opportunities not available in smaller group practices due to NANI's size, single-specialty focus, team-orientated business model, and reputation as a leader in its field. Physicians join NANI for several reasons: reputation for quality doctors, care, and leadership; practice independence with world-class support; and top-quartile compensation. NANI received the Renal Physicians Association (RPA) 2016 Exemplary Practice Award in recognition of their leadership in kidney care.

Today, in addition to our growing network of medical offices and dialysis centers, NANI has expanded to include other services our patients might need. Vascular centers for outpatient procedures, diagnostic labs and high blood pressure specialty centers are within reach. NANI doctors are always on the forefront of new treatments and cures. Interventional nephrologists have joined the team so we can coordinate the best care for our patients from office visits to outpatient vascular access procedures to dialysis care.

Tower Physicians Solutions offers NANI's industry leading back-office support to nephrologists who are not members of NANI. Tower clients benefit from NANI's expertise, which is based on NANI's size and professional management. Positive results range from better coding, collections and payer contracts to management of denied claims, data collection, and industry leadership in managing the evolution of patient care, physician reimbursement, and the never-ending flood of new government regulations.

NANI has the size and professional management to ensure a smoothly functioning back-office, enabling physicians to concentrate on patient care. According to Antone Crasto, Vice President of Strategy and Development, "Tower is the best way for independent practices to offload the growing complexity of our industry so they can focus on patient care while being comfortable that the back-office issues are handled by the industry's best back-office, one of the few that has their interests at heart, with the size and leadership position to be their best advocate in the changing landscape of American healthcare." All you have to do is start with the patient in mind.

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