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Important 2019 MIPS reporting and Quality Payment Program Deadlines

Missing an important Quality Payment Program (QPP) deadline could have negative impacts on your organization – including a penalty on your Medicare Part B reimbursements. Keeping track of these deadlines can be tricky, especially in a developing quality reporting program with multiple performance categories. Here’s a list of upcoming deadlines you should know about to protect your income and become successful in MIPS and the QPP. If you have questions or aren’t sure which deadlines apply to you and your practice, contact us to get help from one of our experts!

MIPS Program Deadlines

Complete MIPS Performance CMS DEADLINE: DEC 31, 2018 Make sure that you have met the data completeness criteria for your selected Quality measures and to meet ACI and IA requirements, as required by your chosen participation track. If you don’t have all of the required data under the Full Participation track, be sure to report on a sufficient number of Quality, ACI, and/or IA measures to reach 15 points and successfully avoid the 5% penalty on your 2020 Medicare reimbursement.


Quality Component

Cost Component

Improvement Activities

Promoting Interoperability

Submit 2019 MIPS Data You should check with your chosen reporting vendor or on the CMS website to confirm the due date for reporting MIPS data that applies to you. Submission due dates will vary by reporting mechanism: for example, the submission deadline is March 1, 2020 for those using the claims reporting option to report quality measures. If you are using the CMS Web Interface, the submission period will occur during an 8-week period (following the close of the 2019 performance period) that will begin no earlier than January 1 and end no –6– MIPS Action Plan: 10 Key Steps for 2019 later than March 31 (specific start and end dates will be published on the CMS website).

Closer to the end of the reporting period, you should check the CMS QPP site to identify the precise deadlines that apply to your data reporting mechanism in 2019. CMS has added significant capability to its data submission site since Year 1 of the QPP in 2017. The site allows you to see performance data for each measure, your predicted score, and certain missing or incomplete information. If you submit data via claims or through the CMS Web Interface, it will allow you to see beneficiary level information about data completion and performance for each measure you report. It will also allow you to verify data submitted by vendors on your behalf.



IMPORTANT DATES & Deadlines FOR Mips 2019 - 2020




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