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The increasing number of high-deductible plans has resulted in higher medical bills that many patients are unable to pay. This problem is unlikely to resolve itself soon as patients are faced with making higher co-pays for an office visit or paying out-of-pocket. This trend means that medical practices need to give high priority to improving their success rate in collecting on these bills.

Partner with a Recognized Leader in Nephrology

Physicians are under even more pressure than ever before to make sure their practice is run as efficiently and effectively as possible. Price pressures, healthcare reform, declining reimbursements and other issues are making it incredibly hard to be able to provide the necessary focus on patient care. These are just a few of the reasons you should consider partnering with a medical practice management company. As one of the largest nationally recognized leaders in nephrology, NANI’ s legacy in nephrology dates all the way back to 1976. NANI was formed and began hiring nephrologists to staff its growing number of dialysis centers in the Chicago area. Later that year, NANI established its first dialysis center in Indiana.

Efficiency is Key

Medical practice management companies such as Tower Physician Solutions can make your office run much more efficiently, freeing you up to do what you do best – take care of your patients. Tower knows how to make it easier for doctors and staff members to work as a team, implementing management processes and tools to help operations flow smoothly. Tower offers not only strategic assessments, but also administrative support services to take your efficiency to new heights.

These are just a few areas where our experts can help:
  •     ◆ Business office operations
  •     ◆ Cost analysis
  •     ◆ Electronic medical records
  •     ◆ Financial analysis
  •     ◆ Personnel management
  •     ◆ Marketing your practice

A Comprehensive Approach

When you partner Tower, you will be working with our team of nephrology experts who know not only how to help you put together a strategic business plan, but also a marketing program that will bring new patients through your doors. Our experts will also offer you the tools you need to make more informed decisions that can substantially reduce your operational costs.

If your practice is weighing whether or not to partner with a medical billing company, now is the time. Providers everywhere are trying to achieve the perfect balance between offering high-quality patient care and optimizing their bottom line. Focus too much in one direction without the proper resources, and the other starts to fail.

With the help of Tower you can help you achieve this balance.
Your practice will be able to focus more heavily on the quality of patient care while medical billing company experts optimize your revenue cycle. Positive results range from better coding, collections and payer contracts to management of denied claims, data collection, and industry leadership in managing the evolution of patient care, physician reimbursement, and the never-ending flood of new government regulations.

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Tower Nephrology Practice Management Partner with a Recognized Leader in Nephrology