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Planning for Success After the Pandemic

Nephrology Today Podcast Conversation with Antone Crasto

We recently sat down to talk to Antone Crasto, our VP of Strategy and Development for Tower Physician Solutions, representing NANI. We discussed how the current COVID-19 pandemic and Public Health Emergency have affected medical practices nationwide.

Podcast title: Emily Frederick Podcast w/ Antone Crasto discussing COVID-19 pandemic and Public Health Emergency


Unfortunately the reach of the pandemic is also affecting nephrology medical practices. It may be no surprise that many practices have had to furlough, or terminate altogether, employees as a result of COVID-19. Some have had to reduce hours or days that the practice can be open during the week and have had to quickly learn and implement telehealth solutions for their office-based patients and visits to various dialysis centers.

Physicians want to provide patient care but find themselves wondering how to sustain their medical practice and continue in their career. Practice management can be difficult and overwhelming for many physicians and taxing to their staff. Successful practices avoid overburdening the employees that they have in order to improve retention and morale.

It is no doubt a very challenging environment, this may be a time for physicians and managers to reassess the business side of their practice. They may want to streamline processes by giving consideration to outsourcing certain services, like billing, coding & collections, accounting and bookkeeping, human resources, payroll, etc. Tower would like to help alleviate some of the obstacles and burdens that many practices are facing today.

Many are already looking to consolidate their practices in local markets, while some are looking to be part of a larger organization that can focus more on running the business end of a practice while allowing the physician to focus more on what they were trained to do, care for their patients.

Unfortunately, none of us know how long we’ll be dealing with the challenges caused by COVID-19, but smaller practices will need a forward-thinking plan, so that they can be better-positioned on the other side of this pandemic. Don’t end up on the outside looking in, missing opportunities as other practices look to strengthen their positions in the market.

We are here to help and by partnering with your practice. Tower, by NANI offers customized practice management so you can leverage our team’s experience and skill. We start with an initial conversation to learn more about the specific challenges a practice is facing and determine if we can work together.

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