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What Your Nephrology Practice Should Know…MIPS/MACRA Updates 2018

Happy workers are also known as “engaged” workers. Engagement in the workforce has a direct correlation to productivity. Engaged employees are less likely to leave your facility in search of a new position. For the sake of your patients and your facility’s reputation, it’s always a good idea to take steps to keep your employees happy on the job. Healthcare can be a very demanding career, with large caseloads, long shifts and – on occasion – difficult patients. Many healthcare professionals can suffer job strain, especially around the holidays, that drags them down throughout the workweek; it’s your job as an employer to help your healthcare workers stay on task and in high spirits. Here are some ideas to build a great company culture.

Listen and offer support. In the often high-stress world that is healthcare, lending an ear can go a long way. What do your employees need? Whether it’s advice on a tough case, flexible scheduling, additional staff coverage, or lighter caseloads, your staff will tell you what you can do to create an ideal work environment. Though you can’t please everyone all the time, you can address issues that are common among your workers.

Lighten their load.  Your front-office admin does an amazing job taking care of patients, answering calls, social media, etc. Reward them with a few days off to attend a seminar on how to improve their day-to-day job efficiency.

Offer flex schedules – On days that the patient load is lite, allow for staff to go home early and complete their work in a relaxing environment.

Give them the day off
– Reward your staff for  a job well done with an occasional day off.

Outsource your back office-
Hire the help of a medical management company like Tower Physicians Solutions. They can help you with your billing & coding as well as MIPS/MACRA.
Provide rich benefits.

Show them their overall well-being matters.  Help your employees stay well on the inside and it will show through on the outside, and in their work. Medical, dental and vision coverage is important, but what about a wellness program or employee assistance program? Give your staff the tools they need for good health – at a price they can afford – and you’ll be surprised how far it can go towards improving their productivity.

Ensure adequate staffing. A skeleton crew is the number one drain on the healthcare staff who pick up the slack through increased caseloads and longer shifts. In addition, holes in your workforce can lead to overworked employees, mistakes and decreased patient care. If you need assistance assessing your staffing needs, reach out to an expert, such as a staffing firm.

Don’t forget to have fun. Encourage team building and camaraderie by creating a company sports league, or by having holiday celebrations or outings. Motivating your staff to enjoy each other’s company can work wonders in building positive energy and company loyalty.

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