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Hill Day and NCAP Forum June 22-24!

This year, RPA's annual Hill Day is June 22, followed by the NCAP Advocacy Forum on June 23 and 24. RPA's Advocacy Weekend is open to all nephrology providers and practice managers and NANI’s leaders will be there.

According to NCAP attendee and practice CEO Brian O'Dea, CPA, "All the thought leaders in nephrology are here. We get to work with other groups to find out what they are doing around the country and share our collective knowledge. You realize that you aren't out there alone."

The RPA NCAP initiative provides robust policy and regulatory education and training while shaping policies at the federal and local level. NCAP is known as a forum for nephrology leaders to discuss the best strategies for promoting awareness of kidney disease. The group works to ensure that coverage and payment policies across state and regional boundaries do not compromise kidney patient care.

Advocacy Weekend participants walk away with an understanding of how policies and regulations from Washington, D.C. affect the delivery of patient care in their practices and communities. The NCAP Forum breaks down this overwhelmingly complex data, information and government-ese into bite sized pieces that are easy to digest.

Keeping up to date on reimbursement changes is critical to ensuring that your nephrology practice runs efficiently and provides the best patient care. By joining your colleagues in Washington, D.C., you could learn about the policy issues that directly affect the way you manage your practice.

Brian has attended the RPA’s advocacy weekend in Washington D.C. for at least 10 years. Physicians from NANI often attend, as well.

When asked why he consistently participates in this opportunity to meet and lobby to congressional representatives, Brian says, “I go to advocate for kidney patients. I take this opportunity to lobby congressmen for governmental policies that will positively impact kidney patients’ lives. Finally, I go to help find research money that could lead to an end of the disease once and for all.”

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Contact Tower today for more information. or 630-243-5731