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What makes Us Better in Medical Billing

Moving your practice billing functions to a third-party service is a high-stakes decision and one with plenty of options to choose from. You can work with a large organization, a small billing company or a technology provider, but it’s ultimately not about a billing firm’s size, scope, or software – it’s about service… and more specifically, the quality of that service. You’ll want to choose a billing company who has experience in your field of medicine.

Tower Physician Solutions grew from one of the country’s largest and most respected Nephrology practices to provide third-party services to other practices. Since 1976, Nephrology Associates of Northern Illinois and Indiana (NANI) has provided experience, innovation and reliability in kidney disease and blood pressure management since 1976.Today, in addition to our growing network of medical offices and dialysis centers, NANI has expanded to include ancillary services our patients might need. Vascular centers for outpatient procedures, diagnostic labs and high blood pressure specialty centers part of our service network. Tower Physicians Solutions offers NANI's industry leading back-office support to nephrologists who are not members of NANI. Tower clients benefit from NANI's expertise, earned through their size and professional management. Positive results range from better coding, collections and payer contracts to management of denied claims, data collection, and industry leadership in managing the evolution of patient care, physician reimbursement, and the never-ending flood of new government regulations.

What makes Us Better in Medical Billing

Loyal, long-term employees: For a medical billing company to be truly great they should be not only a top-notch business – they should be a top-notch employer. By keeping staff turnover to a minimum, a medical billing firm can ensure that its long-term customers receive continuous, consistent service from representatives they know and trust. NANI & Tower employees average 10 years or more in their tenure with us.

Continuous training & education: With so much evolution happening across the U.S. healthcare space, it’s important for medical practices to partner with billing services that stay ahead of industry shifts by keeping their employees well-trained on best practices and regulatory policy changes. The team at Tower participates in regular trainings and educational classes to stay abreast of the latest in coding and billing.

Change management: On the same token, how a medical billing services manages change is a huge measure of its success. That matters during more than just industry changes, such as the shift to ICD-10; when your practice experiences the departure of a physician or transition in your patient base, they should be capable of helping you manage the transition without hurting your revenue.

Specialty experience: It goes without saying that a billing service should have deep experience in your specialty – but you’re wise to consider where else their expertise lies. If a practice can maintain intelligence and top-tier performance metrics in specialties as complex as nephrology medical billing, they’re likely to be exceptionally well equipped to handle the everyday concerns of your practice. Will They Fight For You? This is the bottom line.

Your medical billing company needs to have your trust that they will do everything they can to ensure you are paid for what you do. And, as one who is saving lives, you need the peace-of-mind that your back-end work is being handled efficiently and accurately.

This is one of the most important relationships in running your practice, and not a decision to be taken lightly. The team of Tower will partner with your practice to ensure that your billing is being handled efficiently every day.

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