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NEPHROLOGY TODAY INTERVIEW WITH BRIAN O'DEA Employment Contracts with New Physicians, What can you Expect?

Brian O’Dea, CFO/COO of NANI discusses what new physicians need to know about contract negotiations. Learn how to successfully master the negotiation when the time comes by working with the professional at Tower.

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O’Dea says that one mistake is not asking questions during employment contract negotiation. Many new physicians are uncomfortable asking questions because they may not have much knowledge of contracts or the business of healthcare. Generally, this isn't taught in medical school or residency.  New physicians should feel no compunction about asking for definitions of terms or probing for specifics. Of course, it helps to know what to ask.

Brian O’Dea is the CEO of Tower Physicians Solutions and currently the CFO & COO of Nephrology Associates of Northern Illinois and Indiana (NANI). Tower was started in 2015 to help independent Nephrology Medical Practices with nephrology-specific medical practice management services.  

The team at Tower knows nephrology better than anyone in the Practice Management field because their team members support NANI’s 93 nephrologists. In turn, they use that experience to help Tower clients.

“I hope physicians will see Tower as a valuable resource to navigate the time-consuming, but essential, minutiae that goes into running their back office. This might include billing, accounting, quality program compliance and more,” says O’Dea.

Contact Tower today for more information. or 630-243-5731


Contact Tower today for more information. or 630-243-5731