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NANI & Tower are Headed to Kidney Week:

The World's Premier Nephrology Meeting

The Nephrology experts of NANI and Tower Physician Solutions will be heading to New Orleans, LA. on October 31st for ASN’s Kidney Week, the premier conference in our field. More than 13,000 kidney professionals from across the globe will be in attendance at this year’s Kidney Week 2017.

Kidney Week provides participants exciting and challenging opportunities to exchange knowledge, delve into the latest scientific and medical advances, and benefit from engaging and provocative discussions with leading experts in the field.

Brian O’Dea, CFO/COO for NANI put it this way, “Our field continually changes. From the dynamic legislative and regulatory environment to the rapidly-advancing capabilities of clinical research, Nephrology is always evolving. In this environment, Kidney Week provides invaluable opportunities to learn and collaborate.”

This year's meeting will offer attendees some new Early Programs. These include a 2-day program (October 31 to November 1) titled, “Precision Medicine in Renal Diseases,” part of the Advances in Research Conference, which Dr Arthur Morris has said is among the meeting's highlights. The topic is an area that will likely be incorporated into the future practice of nephrology. Other new 2-day programs include “Advancing Clinical Research in Nephrology: Approaches and Methods” and “What You Need to Know About Diabetes and Diabetic Kidney Disease.”

NANI follows trends and hot topics in Kidney Care and always looks forward to hearing from the leading experts during the conference. Some hot topics include patient engagement strategies, mineral metabolism in chronic kidney disease and g-protein coupled receptors drug research, just to name a few.

The team at Tower Physician Solutions is looking forward to engaging with leading nephrologists and experts to learn more about how to better serve the medical practices it manages. “It is important for Tower to stay up to date on the nephrology business and the latest research to help us better serve for our clients,” says Antone Crasto, Director at Tower.

Can’t make it to ASN Kidney Week? We understand – you have a practice to run! We’ll be there learning about the future of Nephrology and gathering resources to benefit our clients. Click here to set up a time to discuss YOUR practice with a practice management expert from Tower.

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