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Let Us Audit Your Billing/Collections!
Tower Physicians Solutions

Focus on your patients, but don’t let the business slide.

The more efficiently your office runs, the better customer satisfaction will be.   Every private medical practice can benefit from a billing process with few errors and consistent cash flow, as well as more time to focus on customer satisfaction.

Would your medical practice benefit from a review of management and procedures by someone who understands your business?  Tower Physicians Solutions can review your office procedures and make suggestions that will help it run smoothly and efficiently, looking at the processes and management with a fresh set of eyes.

Our staff will analyze your medical billing procedures and come up with a solution that will increase your reimbursements, decrease billing errors, and save you and your employees’ time.  From payroll, medical billing and collections to patient scheduling and follow-up, our professionals will review how your office personnel and systems work to improve practice management procedures.

Our customized services provide:

  1. Elimination of time-consuming tasks
  2. Improved collection rates
  3. Unique plans designed specifically for your businesses’ needs.
  4. Modern and efficient collections and claims processing
  5. Exceptional customer service and account management


Contact us today for a complete audit of your billing and collections systems. or 630-243-5731